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How to choose a bar in Riga

Have you ever been to another country or in a completely unknown before city? The answer is obvious. It is hard to imagine a man who'd never traveled.

To date, pick a bar that would satisfy the wishes of the principal, it is not difficult. Bars are located in major tourist cities are widely used because it is there, you feel liberated and free.

Probably each of us had to choose a suitable bar, where we could relax in splendid isolation, or, conversely, in the noisy company. Bars are everywhere, on almost every street. Accordingly, they all differ from each other on price and service level. And the bars completely different concept. If you are very demanding for such entertainment options, the first is read the reviews on the Internet, or at least acquainted with the general description. If Riga (Latvia) is a new place for you - check our bar guide.

Considering the fact that today only those institutions that provide quality services needed by visitors are actively developed, then a decent bar will be visible from afar. Every tourist is able to independently determine what is a bar in front of him: elite or the public. This can be seen on the facade of the building, and the presence of contingent located directly in the bar.

The choice depends on your preferences and how you want to spend an evening.

Wanting to spend time at the bar, every tourist has to understand that the bar is the place where they drink, and the emphasis on food is not put. Therefore, if the goal is to eat, then you should not go to the search bar. It is better to go to a restaurant or pizzeria. Still, in Riga, you can find combinations of both - so called grill-bars.

By selecting one of the bars, look for variety of beverages. The menu should be as alcoholic and soft drinks. In good bars there is always a wide choice of various cocktails, which are usually prepared with skill in front of visitors. Please note there is a special cocktail. You should know that the method of preparation, composition and proportions of the ingredients are always kept in the strictest confidence.

Opening hours of bars differ from the cafes and restaurants, most bars are open from noon until late at night. Accordingly, the bar is ideal to spend a free evening. In Riga some of the bars are open all the time (00-24).

When choosing a bar, it makes no sense to judge him on the proposed dishes. Bars can not in principle have their own kitchen. Most often it comes down to a light snack that can go well with alcohol.

Service at the bar should be based on all the same rules of common courtesy and civility. As soon as you come into the bar and sat down at a table, a waiter must come to you and get to know your wishes.

In the bars welcome an informal talk the bartender and customer. During the conversation the bartender can find customer preferences and to prepare an exclusive version of the cocktail.

Pass by the side bars, where there is clear and understandable names of institutions, and who are in dark alleys. If you entered the bar, sat down for a free table, and within a reasonable period of time for you no waiter does not come, you can safely leave the bar. Avoid visiting the bars with a dubious reputation. Do not spend your free time in bars with smoky exhaust and where condition system can not cope with the smoke.

Give preference to the bar, which is located on one of the main streets. To date, in any unfamiliar city can find the bar where you will spend a few hours of their free time. A very topical theme bars, most likely there, you can find high-quality drinks and snacks to them, and a pleasant atmosphere.

Spend your time the way you want it!

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