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New Riga - Residential Real Estate

In the United States vacation homes - the most common type of housing. For Russia it is quite new. But the popularity of such housing has been steadily increasing. Comfortable, reliable, durable, safe house in a picturesque corner of nature - is rural property in the New Riga. From Moscow to the borders with Latvia (as the name implies) extends NewRiga  highway, and has a good capacity. Well-developed infrastructure and a unified architectural style characterized by a cottage village located here.

You can find a home in the cottage on NewRiga highway, depending on their financial capabilities. The houses are built of economy, business and VIP-class. Any housing estate at the New Riga is a well-designed utilities, clean, safe, comfortable accommodation away from the hustle and bustle.

Along with the growing demand for housing and infrastructure areas. Lomonosov school gymnasium Pavlov and other elite schools are ready to take their students. Supermarkets and shopping centers with a wide range of various commodities and not very essentials provide villagers with food and other goods. Shopping and entertainment complex, "Pavlovsky Compound", equestrian and golf club, tourist and entertainment centers, boarding house, "sticky" sanatorium "Istra" brighten up leisure time, even the most demanding customer.
Numerous architectural monuments are located on this land, reminiscent of artists, political figures, representatives of the nobility, who lived and worked in these places. Excellent museum-estates, monastic architectural complexes are open to the public today.

Kudos to sites Riga highway attracts elite clientele. But unlike Rublyovka, the prices here are much more acceptable. Nevertheless, the popularity and competitiveness of cottage settlements in the New Riga is growing steadily. Because the acquisition of suburban real estate in New Riga - a good investment in the future.

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