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Real estate in Riga

Anyone who has visited Riga, fascinated by slow, measured atmosphere. Riga is full of history. Its narrow streets and unique medieval architecture, hospitable restaurants and cafes are fascinating. I want to stay here forever, well, or live a few months a year. It is quite possible. To date, Riga - a cozy and quiet modern European city. It is constantly being upgraded and improved. Living conditions improves as well.

Apartments in Riga have great prospects for investment. Their cost is very real and accessible. Riga is also convenient because you can get as far as Moscow very fast (on the plane - one hour). Riga - the city full of cultural events. There are many museums, theaters, often held various exhibitions. A lot of clubs and entertainment facilities just waiting for customers.

Before you buy an apartment, consider the available supply. Their variety is great. They differ in urban areas and price. For example, an apartment in the Old City - is unique apartments, the most prestigious real estate, which, at the price is quite expensive. Fashion district is the "ambassador" area. Homes more affordable, at a price that are farther from the city center. It should be noted that this is, basically, the original building by modern materials, with excellent panoramic windows. Well, the most expensive - the apartments in the model homes built in the last century. They are cheap, cheaper than a similar apartment in Moscow.

For many Russians, buying real estate in Riga - is not only a great investment, but also the opportunity to travel around Europe. In Riga, the Schengen visa is valid. This means that there is a possibility of free accommodation in the country to 180 days a year. Currently apartments in this city are much cheaper than those in neighboring countries. Investors have recently discovered Riga. There is a growing number of people wishing to buy property here. At this rate, soon will rise in house prices. It is convenient and advantageous to have a comfortable apartment in a quiet European capital. Living here comfortable, safe and interesting. Everybody can find an apartment that is suitable in price and amenities. You like it and young people and pensioners.

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