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How to choose a restaurant

How to choose a restaurant? Probably everyone ask himself that question at least once. Let us give some useful tips. These hints are both helpfullfor those visiting Riga, Latvia and tourits visiting any other country.


First, you must determine for yourself the main purpose of visiting the restaurant? This may be a business meeting, family or a romantic dinner, meeting friends, etc. As we speak of tourism - most of the time you will to spend a nice time.


Pre-assemble through restaurant guides, various handbooks with all necessary information about the quality of service in the restaurant, which plan to go. Then call the restaurant and find out all of your questions.

If the restaurant is located near your hotel - it is good. If not, you should decide in advance to transport and route. Is there a restaurant parking? It is desirable that it was guarded and remained near the restaurant. Is there a restaurant in the live music? If you do not like noisy program, you can specify whether it was the day of your visit to this institution. Is there an air conditioner in the room and how the ventilation system?


After talking on the phone with the restaurant staff is already possible to make certain conclusions.


Be sure to ask the restaurant kitchen. What is it? Eastern, Russian, Italian, etc. We suggest you try local latvian food. Latvia isa small country - so it's quite rare to meet latvian food in other countries. Also find out whether there is in this restaurant are the wines that you drink? Do not forget to inquire about payment options. There is only cash or you can pay by credit card?


Agree on the phone all the details, and do count indicative of future receipts. So you can correctly calculate your budget. Advance booking in advance can help avoid awkward surprises regarding the lack of drinks or dishes. But most importantly, you'll know exactly the amount of the account as agreed upon in advance by phone.

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