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Rg notiks konference Izgltba kas vieno

Have you already seen last Latvia news topic? Check it:

" gada septembr Rg viesncas Monika Centrum Hotels telps notiks konference Izgltba kas vieno"

I've been in Old Riga few hours ago and heard as two guys have spoken of this. So.. may be is important for people here.
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Dual citizenship other amendments move closer to approval by Saeima
2012-08-03 06:42:45, Riga, Latvia

May be not all yet know that:

"Changes to Latvian law allowing dual citizenship for people living abroadincluding exiles and their descendants as well as recent emigrantsare a step closer to approval by the Saeima"

Things like this, then they happen in a country like Latvia do have weight.

What do you think?
Rg konference Latviei pasaul piedergi Latvijai
2012-07-26 17:00:43, Riga, Latvia

Have you already seen last Latvia news topic? Check it:

"Ar o tik oti mudinoo saukli un jlij Latvij notika Latvijas Republikas LR Kultras Ministrijas KM rkota starptautiska konference kur piedaljs un ar idejm ierosinjumiem ieteikumiem daljs dalbnieki no visas pasaules"

These things shouldn't be left unnoticed. If we will speak of them - living here, in Latvia may get better one day.

As always - your opinion is welcome.
Latvia names new ambassador to US
2012-07-05 18:18:36, Riga, Latvia

In my day-to-day life here in Riga, Latvia I often to busy to notice what happens around me. So just sometimes I open news portal and check through news. And this one is to be told about:

"Latvias newest ambassador to the United States has received his letter of accreditation from President Andris Brzi"

I wonder if these can impact tourism in Riga and Latvia. Can't find obvious relation. But... You never know!
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